Alex Hamilton has departedhis post as president of UK distribution for Icon Entertainment.

Prior to joining Icon in April2005, Hamilton worked at Momentum Pictures.

Icon said there is no new appointmentat this time, and that UK distribution was being overseen by COO Andy Mayson and CEO Martin Bigham.

Icon's recent releases offilms including Trust The Man and Starter For Ten haven't drawn strongaudiences, meaning the company's year hasn't lived up to the promise suggestedby January 2006 success of Woody Allen's MatchPoint, which was the director's biggest UK hit in 20 years. Still, the company'sbox-office results in 2006 are above its lackluster 2005.

Icon's forthcoming releasesare the company's own Mel Gibson project Apocalyptoand adaptation of children's classic The BridgeTo Terabithia.