AndrasHamori, the international producer here with the epic Hungarian picture Fatelessin competition, has reactivated his H20 Motion Pictures production outfit andset four pictures to shoot in the next two years including two with his oldAlliance Atlantis partner Robert Lantos.

Hamori'sH20 has boarded two pictures which are in development with Lantos and hisSerendipity Point Films - David Cronenberg's next picture Painkillersand Jeremy Podeswa's Fugitive Pieces.

Painkillers is Cronenberg's first original script since eXistenZ whichwas produced by Lantos and Hamori in 1999. It is set in the world of radicalperformance artists and looks at "plastic surgery as performance art"according to Hamori. Cronenberg is currently in post-production on his film ofthe comic A History Of Violence starring Viggo Mortensen for New LineCinema.

Podeswa,whose acclaimed 1999 film The Five Senses was made at Alliance Atlantiswhen both Lantos and Hamori were running the film division, has long been indevelopment with Lantos on Fugitive Pieces. Podeswa has also adapted thescreenplay from an Anne Michaels novel about a child who is rescued from thehorrors of Nazi Germany by a Greek archeologist.

Hamorihas also revived his Robert Capa biopic, with Oscar winner Adrien Brody stillattached to play the Hungarian-born photographer. Menno Meyjes, whosedirectorial debut Max was produced by Hamori, wrote and will direct thefilm, which follows Capa's affair with fellow photographer Gerda Taro as theyboth covered the Spanish Civil War.

Thefirst picture to go into production under H20 will be a film of PatriciaHighsmith's People Who Knock On The Door. It will be co-produced withBBC Films and directed by Ireland's Karl Golden (The Honeymooners).

DougTaylor has scripted the film which Hamori describes as a "dark drama inthe vein of American Beauty which takes apart the small-town Americanfamily."