Sony Pictures Releasing International's Hancock returned to the top of the international arena thanks to an estimated $44.8m haul from 8,286 screens in 71 markets, however the superhero that will capture the headlines is Batman.

The Dark Knight stormed out of the gates day-and-date with North America and in far fewer territories amassed $40m from 4,500 screens in 20 markets.

Paramount/PPI's Kung Fu Panda added a further $27.8m from 6,525 venues in 58 territories for a magnificent $270m, while Universal/UPI had more to celebrate as Mamma Mia! continued its impressive run with $26.8m from 2,407 sites in 21 territories for $72.6m after 11 days.

Hancock has overtaken the $251.4m target set by Men In Black II in 2007 to rank as Will Smith's fourth highest overseas earner on $253.5m. At this rate $300m looks well within Hancock's grasp and it stands a chance of passing I Am Legend's $327.7m international tally.

Weekend business was powered by a mighty $8.6m number one launch in Spain on 562 screens for the 17th biggest launch in the territory. In other launches, Hancock opened second in Denmark on $1.7m from 60, top in Norway on $1m from 60 and second in Sweden on $1m from 77.

France led the holdovers on $4.4m from 741 to rank top on $16.8m after two weekends. Germany produced $4.3m from 982 in the third to rank second on $30.6m, while Russia delivered $4.3m from 457 in the second to rank second on$20.2m.

Hancock added $4m from 803 UK screens to rank third on $41.4m after three, $2.1m from 790 in Mexico to rank second on $10m after two, $1.5m from 319 in Australia for third place on $17.1m after three, and $1.2m from 380 in Brazil for third place on $10.4m.

SPRI's comedy You Don't Mess With The Zohan raised its tally by $720,000 from 350 screens in 17 markets for $26.6m.

The Dark Knight provided a suitably impressive complement to the record breaking North American launch. The highlights came from Australia, Mexico and Brazil.

Australia generated $13.1m from 473 nationwide screens over five days in what turned out to be the fifth biggest launch for a Warner Bros film and the biggest opening for a superhero film.

Mexico produced $6.6m from 1,433 screens for Warner Bros' third biggest launch behind Harry Potter And The Order of The Phoenix and Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire. It was the 11th biggest industry launch.

Brazil produced the biggest opening weekend of the year so far as $4.3m from 548 scored Warner Bros' fourth biggest opening weekend ever. The Dark Knight is set to open next weekend in Italy on July 23, Holland on July 24 and the UK on July 25.

The TV comedy adaptation Get Smart added $6.6m from 2,500 screens in 32 markets for $56m, powered by a $2m German launch from 548 screens and $920,000 from 283 in Russia for third place.

Italy delivered $477,000 from325 in the second weekend for second place on $1.95m. The comedy is set to launch in Spain on July 23.

Kung Fu Panda fared well in its three new Scandinavian territories. The animated hit opened in Norway on $1.2m from 87 sites, while Denmark generated $1.2m including from 79 and Sweden produced $844,000 from 107. All three included previews.

France, the UK, Germany and Spain led holdover business on $4.2m from 782 for $13.3m, $2.9m from 447 for $27.3m, $2.8m from 742 for $15.5m and $2.4m from 534 for $11.8m, respectively.

Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull added $3.6m from 1,684 sites in 62 territories for an exceptional $448.4m. The largest contribution came from Japan, where the film grossed $2m from 326 locations in its third week of release for $41.4m.

The Mike Myers comedy The Love Guru grossed $604,000 from 229 venues in Australia and New Zealand for $2m. It opened in New Zealand on $225,000 from 49 locations.

Universal/UPI's Mamma Mia! opened in nine new territories, led by a number one German debut on $5.9m from 603 venues. Elsewhere, Austria produced a number one result on $700,000 from 92, while the Netherlands opened top on $1.4m from 102, as did Hungary on $560,000 from 31.

The musical also opened top in Estonia, Finland and Lithuania and set all-time musical launches in each territory. The second weekend in the UK generated $9.3m from 498 sites for $33.7m. Australia also held strong on $3.9m from 258 venues for $11.9m.

Mamma Mia! held strong at number one in Sweden, home of the pop group ABBA whose songs inspired the musical, on $1.2m from 144 for $4.6m after ten days and is already Universal's fourth biggest release in the territory. There are 35 territories to open over the next three months.

Wanted should cross $100m this week after $10.6m from 2,959 sites in 38 territories raised the tally to $95.4m. The action film opened third in France on $3.7m from 481 while Belgium generated $1m from 47. Wanted ranks second in Italy on $675,000 from 224 behind stablemate Hellboy II: The Golden Army and stands at $5.1m.

Wanted took $882,000 from 350 sites in the UK for $18.1m after four weekends and added $777,000 from 315 in South Korea for $18.3m after four as well. It added $728,000 in Russia from 593 sites for $26.2m after the same amount of time. There are 27 territories still to go over the next two months.

Hellboy II: The Golden Army added $9.1m from 1,385 venues in ten territories for an early international total of $16m. There was a number one launch in Russia on $4.5m from 472 for Universal's third biggest opening weekend behind Wanted and King Kong. Italy also generated a number one launch on $2m from 241. Both territories' opening weekends are bigger than the lifetime grosses of Hellboy. Mexico added $926,000 from 397 to rank fourth on $4.6m after two. Hellboy II has 45 territories to release over the next four months.

The Incredible Hulk added $1.2m from 2,368 sites in 47 territories for $104.5m, $88.9m of which comes from Universal territories while $15.6m comes from Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Germany and Austria.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International's (WDSMPI) animated adventure Wall-E added $14.4m from 3,520 screens in 20 territories for $53m. The film opened in the UK on $8.8m and launched in Poland on $1.2m from 80 screens.

Wall-E ranks third in Mexico after three weekends and took $1.3m for $13.1m, while it added $855,000 in Argentina. Next weekend's big launch is Hong Kong.

The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian added $7m for $230m. The Portuguese debut delivered $375,000 from 45 screens. The adventure sequel added $1.3m in the third weekend in Spain for $13.1m and $1.3m in the fourth in France for $16m.

New Line International's Journey To The Centre Of The Earth 3D added $5.5m for $11.7m, powered by a $2m launch in France on 363 screens and a $12.2m second weekend gross in the UK that raised the tally there to $4.2m. Sex And The City stands at $224.8m.

Fox International's comedy Meet Dave took $3.3m for $8.5m and M Night Shyamalan's mystery The Happening raised its tally by $580,514 to $84.3m.