HandMade Films, the sales arm of the revived HandMade plc, has reported $50m-plus sales at the Cannes Market, the best in the company's history.

Sales were led by HandMade's $50m remake of The Long Good Friday and its $54m CGI animated feature Planet One.

Paul WS Anderson's contemporary US version of The Long Good Friday sold, as previously reported, to Sony Pictures Entertainment for North America and several other territories.

Deals for Planet One, a co-production with Spain's Ilion, include UK (Entertainment), Italy (Italian International Films) and Korea (Showbox).

The company also signed new output deals with several territories: CIS/Russia (MGN Paradise), the former Yugoslavia (VTI) and the Middle East (ECS Film Distribution) to distribute HandMade produced or acquired films over the next one to two years.

HandMade said it also signed multiple-film deals with Portugal (Lusomundo), Greece and Romania (Odeon), Turkey (Fida), Thailand (M Pictures), Poland (Vision), the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary (Intersonic), Brazil (Imigem), Indonesia (PT Amero), Mexico (Videocine), Iceland (Sam Film) and Singapore (Shaw Renters).

HandMade Films International chairman Guy Collins said: 'The sales volume achieved at Cannes underpins HFI's planned growth for the next two years through the combination of sales fees and producer and financing fees. The results at Cannes exceeded our target by more than 100% and were the best results experienced by myself and Michael Ryan in the 30 years we have each been involved in this industry and illustrates the strong demand for commercial movies.'