Daniel Auteuiland Juliette Binoche, brought together as husband and wife in the romance film TheWidow of Saint-Pierre,will be once again reunited on the screen in Austrian director MichaelHaneke's Cache (Hidden), a thriller based on the theme of guilt andatonement, which started shooting this month between Paris and Austria.

Thedirector's previous films include Funny Games, Code Inconnu (also starring Binoche) and The PianoPlayer, which won theGrand Prix du Jury at the Cannes Film Festival.

Cache, alsostarring Denis Podalydès (of the Comedie Française) andNathalie Richard (Merci Docteur Rey, Irma Vep), tells the story written by the director Georges(Auteuil), a literary television programme host who receives anonymous videosshot secretly and voyeuristically of him and his family, as well as disturbingand puzzling drawings. He attempts to complain to the police, but they refuseto intervene. Clues gradually start to develop, and Georges realizes thatsomeone is seeking revenge for an injustice caused long ago. He is forced toreturn to his past and reconsider his comfortable current life.

The director saysin his statement of intent that the film causes the viewer to have difficultyto distinguish between what is real and what is show business - as theprotagonist's life, both private and professional, are represented by thesame video media. This, he says, is quite relevant today, in an age where themedia cause our perceptions to becoming increasingly unreal, while the abilityto understand this misrepresentation is essential to our mental health.

The film has anEuros 8,000,000 budget, and will be distributed by Mars next year.