HanWay Films has acquired Addiction,Inc, a nicotine docu-drama from TheKid Stays In The Picture's BrettMorgen, and Brothers Of The Head, by Lost In La Mancha's Louis Pepe and Keith Fulton.

Addiction, Inc usesreal-life footage and re-constructions to tell the story of Victor DeNoble, whodeveloped a cigarette with far less health risks only to be shut down afterpressure from the Big 5 tobacco companies. Charles Evans Jr, whose creditsinclude The Aviator, isproducing, with production scheduled for spring 2005.

"What seems like a topicalstory about headline issues reveals itself to be the ultimate moral tale," saidEvans. "To this day, Victor is the only expert witness who has not takentobacco money in exchange for silence."

Brothers Of The Head, based on the Brian Aldiss novel, is the story of conjoinedtwins groomed into a rebellious rock-and-roll band in the 70s by a musicpromoter. Simon Channing Williams, Mike Leigh's regular producer, is producingwith Gail Egan and the film's writer Tony Grisoni, Terry Gilliam's longtimecollaborator. The Potboiler Films production began photography late September.

"It's a roller-coaster ofemotion, pure energy, sensitivity and wit," said Tim Haslam, CEO of HanWay."The twins played by new discoveries Luke and Harry Treadaway could be 17year-old Mick Jaggers."