Hanway Films has picked uprights outside North America and the UK to Wim Wenders' Land Of Plenty, the low-budget film he made for digital filmmakingcollective InDigEnt.

The movie, which is currently inpost-production, stars Michelle Williams (Dawson's Creek, The StationAgent) and John Diehl. The story, which takes placein post-9/11 America, tells the story of the relationship between a liberalyoung woman newly arrived in the US after working for several years in Palestineand her uncle, an intelligence officer on a state of high alert for terrorists.

Hanway is also sellingWenders' next film to go into production Don't Come Knocking on which Hanway's producer parent RecordedPicture Co is a partner. That film, which is shot on film and has aconsiderably higher budget, stars Sam Shepard, Jean Reno and Jessica Lange.

The film was produced by PeterSchwartzkopff, Wenders' partner in his new company Reverse Angle.

InDigEnt is a New York digital film-making collective foundedand run by Gary Winick, John Sloss and IFC Entertainment. It has achievedextraordinary success with micro-budgeted titles such as the Oscar-nomimated PiecesOf April, Tadpole, Personal Velocity, Tape andNovember.