Followingthe UIP and Fox presentations, Warner Bros was next in line to present itsproduct reel to exhibitors at Cinema Expo in Amsterdam.

WarnerBros Pictures International's Monique Esclavissatrevealed that in the last five years 60-62% of Warner Bros theatrical revenuehad come from international box office. She also stressed the importance oflocal productions and Warner's commitment to them, reminding delegates thatsince 1999 Warner Bros has distributed 100 local films in eight countries andhas already enjoyed several such hits this year, such as Les Bronzes 3 in France and Volver in Spain.

Thereel of US product presentedincluded computer animated feature HappyFeet, which launches in November and was the undeniable hit of the Warnerreel. Two trailers drew applause, and then Con Gornellthen let director George Miller take over via a videomessage to guide the delegates through 17 minutes of the film - 10 more than ShoWest attendees saw earlier in the year.

The footagewas met with laughter throughout and rousing applause at its conclusion. Oneleading exhibitor later told,'It's going to be huge. It'll play right through the Christmasseason.'

Alreadykeyed up for the screening to follow it was perhaps little surprise that the trailerfor Superman Returns draw a bigpositive response.

Oneexhibitor who had the chance to see TheAnt Bully trailer on the IMAX screen before a special limited screening of Superman Returns at the Pathe IMAX Theatre commented on how good it looked in 3D, havingalready seen 2D footage earlier. The AntBully will be Warners' first full-length 3D IMAX animated feature since thephenomenally successful The Polar Express(which has grossed more than $60m worldwide in the IMAX format). Happy Feet will also release in IMAX 3D.

Other filmsfeatured in the reel included an early teaser trailer for Brad Pitt starrer TheAssassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford, M Night Shyamalan's Lady InThe Water, horror The Reaping andfootage of Zack Snyder's 300 - a filmbased on a Frank Miller graphic novel and shot in the same process as lastyear's Sin City - which also earned apositive reception.

Exhibitorssaid Superman Returns looks to be astrong earner, although some are concerned about the film's length (some twoand a half hours) limiting scheduling.

IMAX's Greg Foster revealed at the IMAX screening of the film, in which 20minutes across four different sections of the film are in IMAX 3D - the first time a live actionfeature film has included IMAX 3D - that thefilm would receive the largest release in IMAX history. Superman Returns will release at 111 locations on a day-and-datebasis, he said, including on 35 prints in 19 territories outside the US and Canada. He also revealed that all 57 IMAX previews of the film the previousnight (June 27) had completely sold out.

IMAX will also be showing Warner Bros' Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix nextsummer though whether that film features 3D segments will depend on theresponse to Superman, according to IMAX co-CEO Rich Gelfond.Gelfond did reveal that the concept had beendiscussed with Potter producer David Heyman.