Sony happily knocked Fox's Night At The Museum off the top spot this week, as The Pursuit Of Happyness opened in an additional nine territories and took $16.5m at the weekend. While Night At The Museum slipped marginally - largely due to UK exhibitors pulling the film over a DVD release window spat - it still grossed $14.5m at the weekend. Oscar-nominated Dreamgirls shot up 155% to seventh spot, raking in nearly $5m as it opened in an additional five territories in its third week. And Germans proved their love for horror films as Saw III generated $3.1m in its opening weekend in the territory, boosting its international position by 376%. Local films also fared well in home territories this week - Korean film Voice Of A Murderer took $6.7m, while Italian comedy La Cena Per Farli Conoscere grossed $1.5m at the weekend.