Warner Bros' HarryPotter & The Philosopher's Stone has passed the $500m mark in international grosses, bringing its worldwidetotal to date to an estimated $811.1m. Its international gross tips it past IndependenceDay and Star Wars: Episode 1- The Phantom Menace to becomethe third biggest international hit in history after Titanic and Jurassic Park.

Over the weekend, HarryPotter took $30.15m -translating as 5.6m admissions from 7,800 screens in 50 territories. Itscumulative international total is now $511.2m, compared to a $300.5m domestictotal.

Among the biggestterritories are Japan where it has taken $114.7m to become the fourth highestgrosser ever, the UK where it has taken $83.6m to rank second highest grosserever, Germany where it has taken $60.9m to rank second highest ever, France($39.1m), Italy ($23.4m), Spain ($21.8m), Australia ($18m), Korea ($16.1m),Mexico ($15.4m), Holland ($11.1m) and Taiwan ($10.1m).

Biggest internationalgrossers of all time are Titanic($1,234.6m) and Jurassic Park ($563m),followed by Harry Potter ($511.2mto date), Independence Day ($505.3m), Star Wars: Episode 1 - ThePhantom Menace ($491.4m) and TheLion King ($454m).