Warner Brother’s Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Price has topped the worldwide box office so far this year, taking $929.4m.

While James Cameron’s 3D epic Avatar has still yet to make its impact on the box office, the sixth film in the wizard franchise is also in second place in the US, taking $302m for the year to December 13, and internationally, taking $627.4m for the year to December 6.

 Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs is in second place on $878.8m worldwide and it also takes the top spot internationally taking $687.2m. In the US, however, it is in eighth place on $196.6m. Paramount’s Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen took the top spot in the US $402.1m and is also in third place worldwide.

Walt Disney/Pixar’s Up, the first animated film to open the Cannes Film Festival, put in a strong performance taking fourth place worldwide on $662.3m, third in the US ($293m) and fifth place internationally $369.3m.

Warner Brothers breakout hit The Hangover takes fourth place in the US on $277.3m and eighth place in the worldwide chart on $459.4m. Summit Entertainment’s TheTwilight Saga: New Moon proved audiences hunger for more vampire drama taking $268m for fifth place in the US, $293.4m internationally for seventh place and $485.9m for seventh worldwide.

Angels Vs Demons, 2012 and Terminator Salvation proved a bigger hits for Sony internationally, while Fox’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine made its makes in the US taking ninth place on $179.9m. Meanwhile, Night At The Museum 2 took $412.2m worldwide showing healthy performances in the US and internationally. Paramount’s Star Trek reboot rounds up the worldwide top ten taking $385.4m, with $257.2m from the US, where it is in sixth place.

Worldwide Top Ten 2009
(To December 13)

 Title Gross To Date
1Harry Potter929.4
2Ice Age878.8
6The Twilight Saga…561.4
7Angels & Demons485.9
8The Hangover459.4
9Night At The Museum 2412.3
10Star Trek385.4

Top Ten Domestic Films 2009
To December 13

 Title DistributorGross To Date
2Harry Potter…Warner Bros$302m
3UpWalt Disney$293m
4The HangoverWarner Bros$277.3m
5The Twilight Saga…Summit Entertainment$268m
6Star TrekParamount$257.7m
7Monsters Vs AliensParamount/Dreamworks Animation$198.4m
8Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs20th Fox$196.6m
9X-Men Origins: Wolverine20th Fox$179.9m
10Night At The Museum 220th Fox$177.2m

Top Ten Int’l Films 2009
To December 6

 TitleDistributorInt’l Gross
1Ice Age…Fox Int’l687.2
2Harry Potter…Warner Bros Pictures Int’l627.4
32012Sony Pictures Releasing Int’l482.9
4Transformers…Paramount Pictures Int’l431.1
5UpWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Int’l369.3
6Angels & DemonsSony Pictures Releasing Int’l352.5
7The Twilight Saga…Summit Int’l293.4
8Terminator SalvationSony Pictures Releasing Int’l246
9Night At The Museum 2Fox Int’l235.1
10Slumdog MillionairePathe Int’l210.4