The Harvey Entertainment Company has acquired US distribution rights to UK/French animated family film A Monkey's Tale from Pearson Television International and plans to release it through a distribution partner on a limited 150-screen release at the end of January 2001. Universal Home Video will then release it on video in April.

The theatrical release would be a first for Harvey, an LA-based entertainment group which owns a library of over 150 films and 165 television episodes and which has been the subject of takeover speculation by Lions Gate Entertainment Corp among others.

Produced by Steve Walsh Productions, Les Films Du Triangle and Cologne Cartoons in association with Entertainment Rights Plc and France 3 Cinema, A Monkey's Tale is the story of two tribes of monkeys separated long ago who have grown to fear and hate each other. It features the voice talents of John Hurt, Michael York, Rik Mayall, Michael Gambon, Shirley Anne Field, Sally-Anne Marsh, Diana Quick and Matt Hill. Jean-Francois Laguionie directed, Steve Walsh, Patrick Moine and Gerd Becker are the producers. Pop group Westlife recorded the hit song "We Are One" for the film.

The film was released in the UK by Miracle Communications on May 26 this year.