Miramax co-chairman HarveyWeinstein has closed a deal with HarperCollins Publishers for North Americanand UK publication rights to his memoirs. And Weinstein plans to donate allprofits from the book to three charities: The Robin Hood Foundation, Paul Newman'sThe Hole In The Wall Gang Camp and amfAR.

The memoir will trace thelives of the Weinstein brothers from their lower middle-class roots in Queens,New York, through the founding of Miramax named after their parents Miriam andMax and will chronicle the company's turbulent history.

"I am so pleased thatHarperCollins will be working with Harvey Weinstein on this book - thepoignant, exciting, funny and brilliant story of two brothers who turned theirdream into a legend," said Jane Friedman, President and CEO of HarperCollinsPublishers. "Harvey is someone we read about every day. Now, in this book, wewill read the true story behind Miramax's amazing success, as only Harvey cantell it." The book will be published in 2006.