Highly-anticipated Norwegian title When I Hit Jesus (Da Jeg Traff Jesus) is to open this year's Haugesund International Film Festival (August 26 - Sep 2).

The comedy is produced by one of Norway's most successful film-making teams, Petter Borgli and Thomas Backstroem, whose credits include The Telegrafist, Blessed Are Those Who Thirst and Blind Goddess. The film, which marks the feature debut of Stein Leikanger, is based on one of the country's best-loved books, written by Odd Boerretzen.

The festival is also to feature a sidebar on the work of honorary festival president Liv Ullman, plus a screen of her Cannes hopeful, Faithless (Troloese). Legendary Swedish director Ingmar Bergman, who wrote Faithless, may also make an appearance at the event, where many of his classic films will be presented.

Expected to make its world premiere in the sidebar dedicated to local titles - New Nordic Films - is comedy-drama Detector, written by Erlend Loe and directed by Paal Jackman. Additionally, director Hans Petter Moland is expected to finish post-production on Aberdeen in time for a slot in the section. The picture stars Stellan Skarsgaard, Lena Heady and Ian Hart.