The international financingfor Todd Haynes' $25m star-studded biopic of Bob Dylan has started to fall intoplace now that Celluloid Dreams has been engaged as the film's internationalsales agent.

With the Paris-based outfiton board, the necessary pre-sales can now be secured to allow Haynes to closecasting for I'm Not There, inwhich the iconic singer-songwriter will be portrayed by seven different actors.

Currently lined up tocapture his various personas over the course of his five-decade career are CateBlanchett, Colin Farrell, Adrien Brody, Richard Gere, Julianne Moore andCharlotte Gainsbourg. Each of them will reflect different facets of hisever-changing life and career in a film that is being made with theco-operation of Dylan himself.

In addition to theglittering roll-call of award-winning talent, a young black actor will be castto play Dylan as an 11-year-old.

The North Americandistribution for I'm Not There isstill up in the air following a change in regime at Paramount Pictures, where thefilm was originally set up.

Killer Films is producingthe film with Jeff Rosen, Bob Dylan's longtime manager. John Wells and JohnGoldwyn are executive producing.

Financing is being brokeredby Cinetic Media's John Sloss and CAA's Emanuel Nunez and Kevin Iwashina.

"It feels great to continueour relationship with Celluloid Dreams," said Christine Vachon, whose firstdeal with Celluloid was earlier this year on Tom Kalin's Savage Grace. "They have been chasing this movie for more than ayear now."

Added Celluloid's presidentHengameh Panahi: 'You can imagine how excited we are. The package isextraordinary: Todd Haynes is a world-class director, Killer Films is the bestUS independent producer; the story by Oren Moverman is unique; and we have adream cast.

"I have to thank both theproducers and John Sloss with whom we have natural affinity. With them, wealready have a great project to be directed by Tom Kalin."