Madrid-based sales agent Kevin Williams Associates (KWA) has sold pay-TV rights on Spanish-language romantic comedy Saint Bernard (San Bernardo) to HBO USA.

The deal reflects the growing commerciability of Spanish cinema, which was on display last week at the Spanish Film Screenings for Europe, held Nov 29-Dec 1 in Lanzarote. KWA represented eight of the 29 titles which screened in Lanzarote.

Williams also closed a deal during the Screenings to state broadcaster Romanian Television (TVR) on four titles: Saint Bernard (San Bernardo), Nuts For Love (Nueces Para El Amor), Kasbah and Bread And Heaven (Tiempos De Azucar).

Director Joan Potau's San Bernardo, a Grupo Boca production which premiered at the Malaga Film Festival last June, stars Antonio San Juan as a down-and-out do-gooder whose desire to contribute to society prompts him to romance three undesirable women.