Ferzan Ozpetek'sdrama Sacred Heart and Giovanni Veronesi's romantic comedy Manualed'Amore have earned the lion's share of nominations for the Donatellos,Italy's top film awards.

Sacred Heart, about a successful ruthlessbusinesswoman who comes face-to-face with poverty on the streets of Naples, andManuale d'Amore both scored 12 nominations.

It is the secondyear running that Veronesi has won multiple nominations, following last year'srunaway hit What Will Become Of Us. Both titles were produced by AurelioDe Laurentiis, and co-written by Silvio Muccino, who also stars in thepictures.

Manualed'Amore, which tellsfour stories about different stages in relationships from a first kiss toabandonment, has earned over $15m since its release four weeks ago, making itthe top-grossing Italian film so far this year.

PaoloSorrentino's Mafia tale The Consequences Of Love earned six nominations,including best film, best director and best screenplay, while Davide Ferrario'sAfter Midnight won five nominations and Gianni Amelio's The HouseKeys received four nods.

In the bestactress category, nominees included Barbora Bobulova (Sacred Heart) andMaya Sansa (L'Amore Ritrovato). Those vying in the best actor categoryincluded Toni Servillo (Consequences Of Love), Kim Rossi Stuart (HouseKeys) and Luca Zingaretti (Alla Luce Del Sole).

Nominees in thebest European film category include Les Choristes, The Sea Inside, and VeraDrake. Contenders in the best foreign film category include Wong Kar Wai's 2046,Kim Ki-Duk's 3 Iron , Million Dollar Baby and Ray.

The Donatellosceremony will take place in Rome on April 29.

Full List ofNominees:
Best film:
Certi Bambini, by Andrea and Antonio Frazzi
The House Keys, by Gianni Amelio
The Consequences of Love, by Paolo Sorrentino
Sacred Heart,by Ferzan Ozpetek
Manuale d'Amore by Giovanni Veronesi

Best director:
Gianni Amelio (The House Keys)
Davide Ferrario (After Midnight)
Andrea e Antonio Frazzi (Certi Bambini)
Ferzan Ozpetek (Sacred Heart)
Paolo Sorrentino (The Consequences of Love)

Best new director
Saverio Costanzo - Private
Paolo Franchi - La Spettatrice
David Grieco - Evilenko
Stefano Mordini - Provincia Meccanica
Paolo Vari, Antonio Bocola - Fame Chimica

Best Screenplay
Gianni Amelio, Sandro Petraglia, Stefano Rulli - The House Keys
Paolo Sorrentino - The Consequences of Love
Gianni Romoli, Ferzan Ozpetek - Sacred Heart
Davide Ferrario - After Midnight
Ugo Chiti, Giovanni Veronesi - Manuale D'amore

Best Actress
Barbora Bobulova - Sacred Heart
Sandra Ceccarelli - La Vita Che Vorrei
Valentina Cervi - Provincia Meccanica
Maria De Medeiros - Il Resto Di Niente
Maya Sansa - L'amore Ritrovato

Best Actor
Stefano Accorsi - Provincia Meccanica
Giorgio Pasotti - After Midnight
Kim Rossi Stewart - The House Keys
Toni Servillo - The Consequences of Love
Luca Zingaretti - Alla Luce Del Sole

Best supporting actress
Erica Blanc - Sacred Heart
Margherita Buy - Manuale D'amore
Lisa Gastoni - Sacred Heart
Giovanna Mezzogiorno - L'amore Ritorna
Galatea Ranzi - La Vita Che Vorrei

Best supporting actor
Johnny Dorelli - Ma Quando Arrivano Le Ragazze'
Silvio Muccino - Manuale D'amore
Raffaele Pisu - The Consequences of Love
Fabio Troiano - After Midnight
Carlo Verdone - Manuale d'amore

Best producer
Aurelio De Laurentiis - Manuale D'amore
Davide Ferrario - After Midnight
Elda Ferri - Alla Luce Del Sole
Domenico Procacci, Nicola Giuliano - The Consequences Of Love
Rosario Rinaldi - Certi Bambini

Best Europeanfilm
Les Choristes, Christophe Barratier
The Sea Inside, Alejandro Amenabar
The Merchant of Venice, Michael Radford
Vera Drake, Mike Leigh
Head On (Gegen Die Wand), Fatih Akin

Best foreign film
2046, Wong Kar Wai
3 Iron, Kim Ki-duk
Hotel Rwanda, Terry George
Million Dollar Baby, Clint Eastwood
Ray, Taylor Hackford