UK distributor Helkon SK has picked up Boll KG'szombie feature House Of The Dead.

The film, which had already been sold France and Spainbefore the American Film Market this week, has, as part of the Helkonacquisition package, an aggressive P&A commitment of EUR(Eu)1.5million. The sale was made with sales agent Interactive Film SalesInternational.

Basedon the Sega arcade game, the story of college students trying to escape anisland full of deadly zombies stars Jonathan Cherry, Tyron Leitso, JuergenProchnow and Clint Howard, is a shocker.

Helkonhas a strong track record with horror acquisitions, having taken $10m with JeepersCreepers,$7m with The Gift and $5m with The Mothman Prophecies.

"We'reexcited to have acquired House Of The Dead," said Helkon co-founder ZygiKamasa. "We've always like this genre, have had significantsuccess with it in the past and look forward to outstanding performance by thefilm in the UK market."

Thefilm has also gone to Spentzos Film, the Greek distributor of Resident Evil in a deal negotiated bygeneral manager Costas Piperas. Frankfurt-based Boll KG, a media fund and producer,is poised to start production on Alone In The Dark, an acquisition fromFrench video game company Infogrames.