Danish animation Help! I Am A Fish is currently storming the Danish box office, sinking local competitor Dancer In the Dark. Just two weeks after its release Help! I Am A Fish has achieved admissions of 177,243 and a gross of $915,945 (DKR8,101,536) from 60 screens. In comparison Lars von Triar's Dancer In The Dark has grossed $885,020 (DKR7,827,999) - the equivalent of 151,904 admissions - after six weeks.

According to distributor Nordisk, much of the animation's success was due to the school holiday week when the film's box office increased 240% from the first week to the second.

The other major releases also suffered against this domestic hit. The DreamWorks SKG/Aardman Productions' animation Chicken Run grossed $284,403 (DKR2,515,542) from 41 screens while suspense thriller What Lies Beneath, grossed $247,655(DKR2,190,505) from 38 screens.

In Finland where audiences are even more suspicious of non-US animations, Help! I'm A Fish was received well, scooping a box office of $64,776 (DKR572,943) from 27 screens in its opening week.