High Point Films has racked up more sales on Pieter Kuijper's thriller Nothing To Lose.

In Cannes, High Point closed deals for North America (BFS Entertainment), Latin American pay TV (LAPTV), German-speaking Europe (Ascot Elite), French-speaking Europe (Sidonis Productions), FYROM (MCF), and Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore and Indonesia (Suraya Filem).

'Nothing to Lose created a real stir in Cannes,' High Point head Carey Fitzgerald said. 'Its shocking subject combined with a first rate, utterly compelling central performance by Theo Maassen has proved a winning formula for buyers looking for something different.'

Nothing To Lose (TBS) is about a man who escapes from a criminal hospital and kidnaps a 13-year-old girl to take on a road trip to find his mother.

The film recently won the top award at the Philadelphia International Film Festival. It premiered in Rotterdam and will screen at forthcoming festivals including Shanghai, PiFan, Munich and Seattle.