High Point Films has takenon international sales for Tom Collins' Kings, the big-screen adaptation of Jimmy Murphy's play TheKings Of The Kilburn High Road.

The project stars ColmMeaney in the story of a group of Irish men who emigrated to London but returnto their hometown after 25 years for a friend's funeral. The ensemble cast alsoincludes Donal O'Kelly, Brendan Conroy, Donncha Crowley, Barry Barnes and SeanO Tarpaigh. Kings is unique inthat it combines English-language dialogue with Irish-language.

The project is funded byIrish sources including the Irish Film Board, the Broadcasting Commission ofIreland, TG4, the Northern Ireland Film and Television Commission and the IrishLanguage Broadcast Fund.

The film is shooting inLondon and Belfast now for delivery in early 2007. Jackie Larkin of NewgrangePictures is producing with UK co-producer Michael Casey of Green Park Films.

"With echoes of LastOrders and The Big Chill, Kingsis a highly universal story which deals intelligently with questions ofidentity and how far one's nationality contributes to a sense of belonging,"says High Point managing director Carey Fitzgerald. "With immigration high onthe agenda for many countries, this is a story which will resonate widely."