ScreenDaily readers are today invited to take part in a unique digital cinema experiment.

Three film-makers are creating short movies using digital footage, mobile phones and downloads from web sitesand are editing them live at the Screen International Cinema Next conference at Bafta in London using affordable commercial software and hardware.

The film-makers, Richard Jobson, director of 16 Years of Alcohol and A Woman in Winter, CarolMorley, former Bafta nominee and director of acclaimed documentary TheAlcohol Years, and Martin Percy, senior interactive filmmaker at BT, will put their films to an online vote.

The competition has been set up by the UK FilmCouncil's New Cinema Fund.

The Cinema Next conference has been hearing today from film-makers, innovators and industry professionals about their visions of the future.

In his keynote speech, Dan Marks, CEO television services at British telco BT, said he believed the ubiquity of digital services and broadband was changing the way the creative businesses were working across the world.He said the telcommunication companies with their direct pipelines into homes were set to become a new wave of distributors of content."Everywhere in the world every telco is moving into the same space for the same reasons."

That reason is a shift away from the ailing calls business and into entertainment services. BT as a result would be interested in future in becoming a funder and rights owner of films, even beyond the studios.Other speakers outlined their visions of independent film-makers with much greater control over their own film rights, self-distributing their work or working with new distribution partners.The film vote is on this site at 4pm.