UK sales house High Films& TV has picked up Advanced Warriors, a DVD movie directed by AndrewDymond of Bristol-based Lightworx Media.

Inspired by the novels ofIan Livingstone, the picture adopts the tree format where every decision-makingopportunity is accompanied by a menu of options with different outcomes.Audiences are required to participate and can "win" or "lose" the film.

"Not only is AdvancedWarriors one of the first movies of its kind to exploit interactive DVDpossibilities in this way, but is also the tip of the iceberg in terms of whatcan be done with this still relatively young media," said Piers Nightingale,High Point's development executive. "And it's highly addictive to boot!"

Among the more conventionalfilm titles High Point is handling is Dutch foreign-language Oscar nominee TwinSisters (De Tweeling), by Ben Sombogaart.