Nikolaj Arcel, the Danish director of local smash King'sGame, is to shoot action adventure The Island Of Lost Souls thisJune.

Produced through Zentropa and Nimbus Film, Island Of LostSouls is a supernatural family film in the vein of Steven Spielberg'searlier work. Unusually for a Danish film, nearly 20% of its budget will bespent on computer generated special effects.

In an interview with ScreenDaily. com, Arcel said thefilm was about a 13 year old girl who moves to a small town after her parentsdivorce and makes contact with supernatural beings - unleashing a battlebetween good and evil.

"It's an all action adventure film in the tradition of whatthe Americans usually do best. We will give them a run for their money", saidArcel.

The script is co-written with Rasmus Heisterberg, co-writerof King's Game.

The budget is Euros 5m, unusually high for a film with anall Danish cast. Shooting begins this June on the island of Fyn and continues atTrollhattan studios in Sweden. A second unit will be shooting effect scenes inGermany. International co-producers are Memfis Film (Sweden), Pain Unlimited(Germany) and Zoma Film (UK).

King's Game, a political thriller, sold over550,000 tickets last year and dominated the key Danish awards, the Roberts andBodils.

Island Of Lost Souls will premiere in the autumn ofnext year.