Jutta Bruckner's Germandrama Hitler Cantata, the storyof composer Broch and how he was commissioned to write a cantata for Hitler's50th birthday, has been selected for the Montreal World FilmFestival in Aug and for an official competition slot at the Tokyo InternationalFilm Festival in Oct.

The festival slots wereconfirmed by the film's sales company Atrix Films; Movienet is handling Germandistribution, with a release scheduled for winter 2005.

Hilmar Thate plays Broch inthe film, with Lena Lauzemis (pictured) as his new assistant and AndreasGunther as Gottlieb, an SS colonel who commissioned the piece and who is alsoUrsula's fiance. But as Gottlieb becomes more involved in the extermination ofthe Jewish populations of Europe, Ursula falls in love with Broch.

German funding institutionFilmstiftung NRW granted support of Euros 28,911 to Atrix Films to support theinternational sales of the film.