The Hong Kong government has appointed 11 members to the newly-established FilmDevelopment Committee (FDC), which was first unveiled by chief executive DonaldTsang last week.

Jack So, deputy chairman oflocal telco PCCW, will chair the committee with Hong Kong's Secretary for Commerce, Industry and Technology, John Tsang, servingas vice-chairman.

The other appointees includeleading members of the Hong Kong film industry, such asproducers Nansun Shi (Seven Swords) and Bill Kong (Hero);distributors Terry Lai and Crucindo Hung and exhibitor Chan Wing-mei (see listbelow).

According to a statement,the committee will advise the government on all matters relating to thedevelopment of the film industry in Hong Kong, and promoteHong Kong films in mainland China and overseas markets.

"A priority task of thecommittee will be to critically review the film industry, identifyopportunities, articulate a vision and formulate a clear plan for the mediumand longer-term development of the industry," Tsang said.

The Hong Kong film industry set up an emergency task force at the end of last year, whichsubmitted a proposal for a film council or equivalent organisation. The FDC isregarded as the first step towards such a body and replaces the existing FilmServices Advisory Committee (FSAC) which has limited functions.

The Hong Kong government doesn't provide any direct forms of subsidy to the local filmindustry, although it set up a loan guarantee fund for film producers in 2003 andis involved in promotional activities through bodies such as the Hong KongTrade Development Council (TDC).

The 11 FDC members announcedtoday will start their two-year term from November 1, 2005. They include:

Jack So - Deputy chairmanand group managing director of PCCW
Chan Wing-mei - Director of exhibitor Newport Entertainment
Felix Fong - Solicitor and vice-chairman of the Liquor Licensing Board
Crucindo Hung - General manager of distributor Delon International
Bill Kong - Executive director of Edko Films
Terry Lai - CEO of distributor-exhibitor Intercontinental Group
Peter Lam - Chairman of Media Asia Group
John Sham - Executive secretary of the Federation of Hong Kong Filmmakers
Nansun Shi - Executive director of Film Workshop
Suen Kwok-lam - Executive director of Henderson Land
Raymond Wong - Chairman of Mandarin Entertainment