HMR Film and Reach Up High Entertainment have boarded Black & Blue Film’s forthcoming zombie film, Devil’s Playground. It will begin shooting at Elstree Studios on November 30.


The film has been written by Bart Ruspoli, who is also producing, and will be directed by Mark McQueen.

British actors Danny Dyer and Craig Fairbrass will star. Fairbrass will play a man trying to locate the one woman who may hold the key to a killer virus that is turning the world into zombies. The cast also includes Lisa McAllister and Shane Taylor.

The zombies will be portrayed by free runners, in a move aimed at giving them a wider range of movement than usual for this genre. Producer Freddie Hutton-Mills said: “ I think when it comes to this genre you always have to think about how you can move it forward and how you can stand out amongst the thousands of title that already exist.”

Black & Blue founder Jonathan Sothcott is also producing with Demetris Kyriacou Billy Murray and Martin Kemp are executive producing.