Lars von Trier,John Boorman, Tom DiCilloand Agnieszka Holland are among the directors set toscreen films in the official selection of the upcoming Donostia-SanSebastian International Film Festival (Sept 21-30).

Von Trier'snew Dogme comedy TheBoss Of It All (DirektoerenFor Det Hele), about anactor whose principles are put to the test when he is hired to impersonate acompany chairman, will screen out of competition.

Also screening out ofcompetition isSpanish documentary director Joaquin Jorda'sposthumous Mas Alla Del Espejo, featuring interviews with victims of the samecerebral dysfunction the director suffered.

Among the 16 directors vyingfor the festival's prestigious Golden Shell award are San Sebastian veteranssuch as Argentina's Carlos Sorin withcharacter-driven comedy about a Maradona fanatic on amission, El Camino De San Diego; 2004Golden Shell winner Bahman Ghobadiwith Half Moon (NivehMong), a story of a Kurdish musician intent onplaying a concert with an illegal female singer in post-Hussein Iraq; andJapanese director Hirokazu Kore-eda'sambitious samurai tale Hana.

Holland brings Ed Harris and Diane Kruger-starrer CopyingBeethoven, about the relationship that evolves between the musical geniusand a young student sent to help him put his scores to paper. DiCillo's Deliriousstars Michael Pitt and Steve Buscemi in a comedyabout a photographer and unemployed actor whose work relationship turns sourwhen the actor falls for a pop star.

Nick Broomfield, known fordocumentaries including Kurt &Courtney, offers a more fictional project, Ghosts, about the tribulations a group of illegal Chineseimmigrants face in the UK. John Boorman's Ireland-UKco-production The Tiger's Tail starsBrendan Gleeson and Kim Cattrall in the story of asuccessful businessman who discovers someone is trying to take over hisidentity and life.

US director Bobcat Goldthwait willshow Sleeping Dogs Lie, about an engagedcouple whose relationship unravels when they decide to share their darkestsecrets. Director-producer Antonio Chavarrias' Las Vidas De Celiastars Najwa Nimri, Luis Tosar and Daniel Gimenez Cacho in a mystery about a young girl's death and thetormented lives of the various suspects.

Dutch director Heddy Honigman documents Parisian celebrity cemetery Pere Lachaise in Forever. South Korea's Im Sang-Soo's The Old Garden (Orae Doin Jung Won) turns on the experience of a woman whose boyfriend is condemned by the 1980s regime to life in prison.

Belgian-French literary adaptation The Sounds Of Sand from Marion Hansel chronicles a family's travails in an unspecified African country when the wife insists on keeping her female baby. Rajko Grlic's Border Post (Karaula) is set on the Albanian-Yugoslav border in 1987 as celebrations of the anniversary of Tito's death and a possible Albanian invasion grip a local military unit.

Three films in the officialselection are also competing for the New Directors' and New Screenwriters'prizes: Spanish-French co-production Lo Que Se De Lola from award-winning short film directorJavier Rebollo, about a lonely man whose life isturned around when a boisterous Spanish woman moves in next door; Martial Fougeron's Mon Fils A Moi, the French storyof the inner workings of an apparently normal middle class family; and VictorGarcia Leon's Vete De Mi, a Spanish black comedy about aloafer who moves back in with his vaudeville actor father.