Film seasons from The Netherlands and Croatia have been scheduled in the US next month. Dutch Treats 2000: New Films From Holland presents ten recent films at the Quad Cinema in New York (Dec 1-7), while Wednesdays In Croatia (Nov 29-Dec 20) screens classic and new Croatian films kicking off with Oscar submission Marshal Tito's Spirit at the Egyptian Theatre in Los Angeles.

Dutch Treats, presented by Holland Film in collaboration with American Premieres, a New York-based promotion project for international film, will feature Karim Traidia's Les Diseurs De Verite, Heddy Honigman's Crazy, Peter Delpeut's Diva Dolorosa, Jean van de Velde's Leak, Alex van Waremerdam's Little Tony, Karim Traidia's Polish Bride, Eddy Terstall's Rent-A-Friend, Robert Jan Westdijk's Siberia, Dana Nechushtan's Total Loss and Maria Peters' Little Crumb.

Among the film-makers attending the event to meet with US distributors and press are Traida, Peters and Nechustan along with Claudia Landsberger, the managing director of Holland Film, Ger Bouma, the deputy director of the Dutch Film Fund, Ellis Driessen of Fortissimo Film Sales and Fred H van Kuilenburg of the film department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Other new Croatian movies screening at Wednesdays In Croatia, presented by the American Cinematheque in association with CAMEO, include Zvonimir Berkovic's Rondo and Krsto Papic's When The Dead Start Singing.