The Doku.Arts  Festival has revealed a programmed of 23 features and 10 shorts for this year’s edition, which runs from June 11 – 14.

The programme includes screenings for Jon Ronson’s documentary Stanley Kubrick’s Boxes, in which he delves into the legendary director’s extensive archive, and To Be And Not To Be, Dutch director Frank Scheffer’s film about Iranian composter’s Nader Mashayekhi decision to found the Tehran Philharmonica Orchestra.

The event, which is organised by the Filmmuseum Amsterdam and the Dutch Cultural Media Fund, have a special focus Agnes Varda, who will be attending the event. Her Les Plages D’Agnes will be the opening festival and the programme will also include a number of short films she has made during her career, including Oncle Yanco (1967) and Les Dites Caratides (1984).

DOKU.ARTS will also have a focus on architecture and will feature portraits of influential architects such as Rem Koolhass – A Kind Of Architect, Volume Zero – The Works of Charles Correa and Dies Reisen Des Santiago Calatrava. It will also feature documentaries that make buildings the star, including Il Girasole – Uns Casta Vincino A Verona by Christoph Schaub.

The festival, which is in its fourth year, programmes portraits of artists, cinematics eassys and homages rather than traditional biopics.

Full Line Up:

24 City (Er Shi Si Cheng Ji) by Jia Zhang-Ke (China/Hong Kong/Japan)

Les Demoiselles Ont Eu 25 Ans by Anges Varda (French)

Fliegen Und Engel By Kerstin Stutterhiem, Neil Bolbrinker (Russian/English)

From Somewhere To Nowhere By Villi Hermann (Switzerland)

Gabriel Byrne – Stories From Home By Pat Collins (Ireland)

The Hermitage Dwellers and Les Enfants De Musee by Aliona van der Horst (The Netherlands)

The Movie Game (Das Grosse Spiel Film) By Anka Schmid (Switzerland)

Jane B par Agnes V by Agnes Varda (France)

Koolhass (Houselife) By Ila Bêka, Louise Lemoîne (Italy/France)

Il Girasole – Una Casa Vicino A Verona By Christoph Schaub, Marcel Meili (Italy)

Our City Dreams By Chiara Clemente (United States)

Piotr Anderszewski, Voyageur Intranquille By Bruno Monsaingeon (France)

Les Plages D’Agnès By Agnès Varda (France)

Rem Koolhaas – A Kind of Architect By Markus Heidingsfelder/ Min Tesch (Germany)

Die Reisen des Santiago Calatrava By Christoph Schaub (Switzerland)

Russian Ark By Aleksandr Sokurov (Russia/Germany)

El Sistema By Paul Smaczny, Maria Stodtmeier (Germany Swizerland)

StanleyKubrick’s Boxes (Channel 4 True Stories) By Jon Ronson (United Kingdom)

Un Virus Dans La Ville By Cédric Venail (France)

Volume Zero – The Works of Charles Correa By Arun Khopkar (India)