Columbia TriStar had a successful weekend in Spain with the release of Paul Verhoeven's Hollow Man where it won the number one slot with a three-day gross of $2.3m (PTS434m). This is the territory's third strongest opening so far this year. Comparatively, Fox's Titan AE on 226 screens (versus Hollow Man's 260), opened at fourth place with $544,280 (PTS101m). Aurum's release of Frequency, starring Dennis Quaid, came in a surprise third with $641,298 (PTS119m) on 200 copies. Filling in the gap, Warner Brothers' Perfect Storm washed in at number two in its third weekend, earning $663,500 (PTS123m) on 296 copies.

Hollow Man also opened in Australia, where it picked up a seven-day gross of $1.2m from 180 screens, but was beaten to the number one slot by fellow opener Road Trip which took $1.4m (excluding previews).

Meanwhile, Spanish films are finding it hard to compete with Aurum release Ano Mariano, already the top grossing domestic film of the year and continuing strong in its fourth weekend with a cumulative box office of nearly $3.4m (PTS633m). The much-anticipated Gitano, which stars Joaquin Cortes and Laetitia Casta, was opened wide by Warner Sogefilms on 150 screens but earned just under $250,000 (PTS46m), placing it ninth at the box office. Falling in at number 14 was Spanish-Argentinean co-production Plata Quemada, released by Alta Films on just 46 copies to $65,000 (PTS12m).