The founder and main producer of Zentropa's documentary arm Zentropa Real, Carsten Holst, will from Jan 1 shift over to become managing director and producer at Michael Obel's Copenhagen-based Thura Film.

"I believe that he is a highly competent man, who has some interesting experiences behind him, a good mix of art and economy," Obel, who founded Thura Film back in 1990, told

"He managed a well with his company inside the company at Zentropa Real, and his focus on quality product is something we share."

Since setting up Zentropa Real in 2000 Holst has produced a number of feature length documentaries, most recently Sami Saif's Dogville Confessions and Lars von Trier and Joergen Leth's The Five Obstructions. He also worked as personal assistant to Lars von Trier.

"Our ambitions are high in regards to film and TV projects," continued Obel. "We expect to start three feature films next year, as well as a TV series." Among the projects in development at Thura Film are Ole Bornedal's psychological thriller Just Another Lovestory and Tomas Villum Jensen's comedy drama King Of Suns co-written with the prolific Anders Thomas Jensen.

The versatile Michael Obel has produced a number of box-office hits including Nightwatch (1994) and Old Men In New Cars (2002) for Thura Film and the two family films My Sister's Kids (2001 and 2002) for Moonlight Film Production in collaboration with Lars Kolvig. Obel will continue as president of Thura Film.