Screen chats to Carol McGregor about raising the financing for her Scottish set feature Between Weathers. The question is…will Ewan be in it?

Screen was delighted to receive a phone call from Scottish producer Carol McGregor (Ewan’s mum!) who is in Cannes to raise the financing for her feature Between Weathers, about an American millionaire who plans to turn a remote Shetland island into a tourist destination for the rich and famous, a la Donald Trump.

When we met in Cannes last year, the project was at the very early stages, but fast forward a year and things have moved on dramatically, with Sharleen Spiteri heading up the cast and plans for a September shoot in beautiful Shetland. (see the looks stunning).

With backing from Creative Scotland and $2.9m (£1.8m) in kind, Carol needs to raise a further $4.8m (£3m) for the project through “social investment” in the film which will reward investors with a positive spcial impact instead of profit, but she’s also looking for support from the international production community.

Apparently, there are still a few key roles to cast.

Now if only Carol knew a gorgeous, bankable, A-list, Scottish actor..

“It depends on his schedule,” says Carol. “But he’s very supportive of the film!”

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