Gangster thriller JiangHu dominated the Hong Kong box officethis week grossing US$1.15m in seven days from 51 screens. The star-studdedfilm took almost four times the tally of its nearest competitor, Kill Bill 2, which opened with US$288,786 from 25 screens.

Directed by newcomer Wong Ching Po, Jiang Hu is a stylish gangster noir about the chaos thatensues when a triad kingpin becomes a father and decides to retire for a simplelife. It stars Andy Lau and Eric Tsang - who have also produced and invested inthe film - along with Jacky Cheung, Shawn Yue and Edison Chen.

Lo Chi-leung's thriller Koma and Wong Jing's police action film Moving Targets slipped to third and fourth positions respectivelyin their second week. Ben Affleck starrer Jersey Girl, distributed by Deltamac, opened in fifth spot withUS$75,544 from 14 screens.