Three of Hong Kong's leadingaction directors - Tsui Hark, Ringo Lam and Johnnie To - are gearing up to worktogether on an innovative action thriller with the working title Triangle.

Each of the three directorswill be responsible for around 30 minutes footage of the $5m film, withoutforewarning the others what he's going to shoot.

Tsui, the internationallyrenowned director of films such as SevenSwords and the Once Upon A Time InChina series, will direct and cut the first segment before handing over toRingo Lam.

Lam, whose credits includeclassic Hong Kong action movies such as City On Fire and Full Contact,will take Tsui's footage and develop the story with the same characters beforehanding over to Johnnie To. The three directors will then decide how to splicethe three segments together.

Casting has yet to beconfirmed but To regulars Simon Yam and Louis Koo (Election, Election 2) areexpected to star in the film, along with Sun Honglei, who won praise in therole of the evil general in Tsui's SevenSwords.

Trianglewill be produced by the three directors' own production companies - includingTo's Milkyway Image and Tsui's Film Workshop - and is scheduled to startproduction before the end of July in Hong Kong.

The film is one of severalnew projects being lined up by To's prolific Milkyway Image production outfit. To,whose Election 2 screened in officialselection at Cannes this year, recently wrapped gun-play thriller Exiled for Hong Kong's Media Asia Films and pick-pocket drama The Sparrow for Universe Entertainment.

Starting this autumn, To isplanning to direct a romantic drama scripted by Ivy Ho (July Rhapsody, Comrades:Almost A Love Story) with the working title Linger (aka Butterfly Flies)for Sundream Motion Pictures. Li Bingbing and Vic Zhou will star in the film whichwill be distributed in mainland China by David Dong's Meridian Pictures.

To is also reteaming withWai Ka-fai on an untitled project for China Star Entertainment, which is set tostar Lau Ching-wan.

Meanwhile, Point-of-ViewProductions, one of the labels under Milkyway Image, has two films directed byDennis Law in production.

Fatal Contact, which recently wrapped, stars Wu Jing, Ronald Cheng and Miki Yeung ina story about a martial artist from Beijing who becomes involved in free-style undergroundfighting in Hong Kong. Romantic drama LoveAt First Note stars Justin Lo, Alex Fong and Kary Ng in a story about threeaspiring singers trying to get their first break in the Hong Kong music business.