Hong Kong's box office slumped by 17% in 2002, despite a year-end boost from hits such as Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets and locally-produced crime thriller Infernal Affairs.

Total box office receipts were $110.6m (HK$862.6m) compared to $133.4m (HK$1.04bn) the previous year, according to figures from industry body, the Motion Picture Industry Association (MPIA).

Hong Kong-produced films grossed $44.6m (HK$347.5m) in 2002, a decline of 24% from the previous year. Only 92 Hong Kong productions - 67 on film and 25 in the digital video format - were released during the year, compared to 133 in 2001.

However, a local production - Media Asia's Infernal Affairs - emerged as the top-grossing film, raking in an impressive $5.6m (HK$43.7m) between December 12 and 30. The film, which stars Andy Lau and Tony Leung Chiu-Wai, is still playing on 42 screens.

Three other Hong Kong films made the territory's top ten. Golden Harvest's Chinese New Year release, Marry A Rich Man, came in seventh with $2.8m (HK$21.7m) while China Star's Sammi Cheng vehicle, My Left Eye Sees Ghosts, came in ninth with $2.7m (HK$20.7m).

Zhang Yimou's Hero, a Hong Kong-China co-production, scraped in at number 10 - after less than two weeks on release - with $2.5m (HK$19.8m) as of December 30.

The film has smashed box office records on the mainland grossing $11.9m (RMB98m) in the seven days from December 20. In comparison, China's former domestic box office champ - Feng Xiaogang's Big Shot's Funeral - grossed $4.8m (RMB40m) over four weeks earlier last year.

Foreign productions accounted for 60% of Hong Kong's total box office with 239 films grossing $66m (HK$515m). The top-grossing foreign film was Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets which took $3.7m (HK$29.2m). The film is still playing on 61 screens.

Not helping local box office fortunes, according to the South China Morning Post, a 2002 Hong Kong movie has ranked as one of the biggest flops of all time by attracting less than 10 viewers.

Psychedelic Cop grossed a mere $42 from its one-week run at a single Hong Kong cinema.

Top Ten Films In Hong Kong 2002

1. Infernal Affairs $5.6m (HK$43.7m)
2. Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets $3.7m (HK$29.2m)
3. Spider-Man $3.67m (HK$28.6m)
4. Monsters, Inc. $3.3m (HK$25.8m)
5. The Fellowship Of The Ring $3.1m (HK$24.3m)
6. Minority Report $2.9m (HK$22.8m)
7. Marry A Rich Man $2.8m (HK$21.7m)
8. Men In Black II $2.7m (HK$20.8m)
9. My Left Eye Sees Ghosts $2.65m (HK$20.7m)
10. Hero $2.5m (HK$19.8m)

Top Ten Local Films In Hong Kong 2002

1. Infernal Affairs (Dec 12 - 30) $5.6m (HK$43.7m)
2. Marry A Rich Man (Feb 7 - March 27) $2.8m (HK$21.7m)
3. My Left Eye Sees Ghosts (July 13 - Aug 21) $2.7m (HK$20.7m)
4. Hero (Dec 19 -30) $2.5m (HK$19.8m)
5. Fat Choi Spirit (Feb 8 - March 27) $2.46m (HK$19.2m)
6. Mighty Baby (Aug 9 - Sept 11) $2.4m (HK$19.0m)
7. The Eye (May 9 - June 19) $1.8m (HK$13.7m)
8. Dry Wood Fierce Fire (April 19 - May 22) $1.7m (HK$13.1m)
9. Chinese Odyssey 2002 (Feb 8 - March 6) $1.67m (HK$13.05)
10. The Lion Roars (Oct 3 - Nov 6) $1.5m (HK$11.9m)