Media Asia Films' local prequel Infernal Affairs II is riding high in Hong Kong. At the end of its first full week on release (it opened on Oct 1 to play one day the previous week) it had taken $1.5m and $2.2m over the eight days since its debut.

Infernal Affairs II is a prequel to last year's hit crime thriller Infernal Affairs about a triad's mole in the police force vying with an undercover cop in the triads

The only new release in the top ten was a two print launch of Japanese title Married Affairs for UVD Theatre Circuit, however the film grossed just $3,056 for a weak average of $1,528 per print.

Most holdovers saw massive drop-offs as audiences flocked to Infernal Affairs II, but another local release, Running On Karma, which stars Hong Kong megastar Andy Lau. The film fell just 22% from the previous week and has taken $2.3m after 12 days on release.