Matrix Revolutions dropped off by 53% in its second week in Hong Kong although it held on to the top spot in a week that saw seven new films enter the top 10.

However, the re-release of a much older Warner Bros film - Casablanca - racked up a stronger screen average grossing $17,816 from a single screen at Edko Films' new Palace IFC complex in the Central district of Hong Kong. The new cinema aims to screen Hollywood classics and arthouse films, in addition to more mainstream fare, and is proving to be a huge hit with young professionals who live and work in the area.

Edko Films' release of Goodbye Lenin! is also playing to a packed house at the Palace IFC and grossed $26,661 from a single screen during its first week of release.

In an unusually diverse week for Hong Kong audiences, other openers include Korean romantic comedy Sex Is Zero, horror film 28 Days Later and chick flick-cum-travelogue Under The Tuscan Sun.

Two Hong Kong productions also opened - Aubrey Lam's romantic comedy Hidden Track and romantic drama Sky Of Love, a remake of a Korean film starring Gigi Leung and Ken Chu.