Hong Kong's Emperor Motion Pictures (EMP) has added severalnew titles to its slate in the run-up to Cannes, including action adventure Let's Steal Together, set to star pop duo Twins.

A co-production with Hong Kong's Sundream Motion Pictures, the film revolves around several gangs ofthieves chasing a religious relic. It will be the directorial debut of renownedaction director Kong Tao-hoi who recently worked on Sundream horror title 49 Days.

EMP has also picked up twoindependent productions - Susie Au's MingMing and Sweet Revenge, directedby Taiwan's Ho Ping, who received international recognitionwith his 2002 crime drama The Rules OfThe Game.

Ming Ming(previously known as Nana On The Run)stars Zhou Xun as a woman who is mistaken for a gangster's girlfriend and ischased by the mob. Philip Lee produced the film which also stars Tony Yang andDaniel Wu.

Sweet Revenge, about a woman with a terminal illness who aims to avenge her parents'murder, stars Nick Cheung (Election),Anthony Wong (Infernal Affairs) and LiBingbing.

Meanwhile, EMP is understoodto be appointing industry veteran Philip Chan to head up production. Chan, whois expected to join the company next month, formerly served as CEO of MandarinFilms and has recently been pursuing business interests in China.