John Horgan will serve as managing director of UIP following its restructuring at the end of the year, the company announced.

Horgan, who is currently the senior VP of operations based in UIP's London headquarters, will take his new post from January 1, 2007. He has worked at UIP since its founding in 1981.

"We are fortunate to have someone of John's calibre to continue to build the strengths of the organization," said UIP chairman and CEO Stewart Till. "His vast knowledge of our business and management experience over many years equip him well to lead the new UIP into the future. We are making this announcement now to allow John to be involved in the development of the new UIP structure."

In September 2005, Paramount and Universal announced that they would restructure their international distribution joint venture, UIP, which currently serves 35 territories.

Paramount and Universal will establish their own separate international operations in 15 territories starting in January 2007. The restructured UIP will continue to distribute Paramount and Universal films in the other 20 territories.

Andrew Cripps, UIP's current president and chief operating officer, has already announced plans to join Paramount in January 2007 as president of Paramount International. Till hasn't announced any changes to his role.

Paramount, Universal, MGM, and United Artists formed UIP as a joint venture in 1981; MGM and UA exited in 2000 leaving Paramount and Universal as the sole partners.