HorizonEntertainment has acquired international rights to the thriller Eternalwhich will be released theatrically in Canada by TVA. Written and directed byWilhelm Libenberg and Federico Sanchez, the film was shot in Venice andMontreal and stars Conrad Pla and Caroline Neron in the story of a detectivetracking a female killer who has a connection to a legendary 16th century massmurderer.

Horizon president RobStraight acquired the rights to the film from Montreal-based WildkoastProductions. Tommaso Calevi, Liebenberg and Sanchez. Executive producer isBruce Robertson.

Horizon has also acquired aslew of Japanese horror and drama pictures to add to its Cannes slate includingDetective Psycho from Takashi Miike, Shenmue directed by YuSuzuki, Fireflies: River Of Flight from Hiroshi Sugawara, KisarazuCat's Eye from Fuminori Kaneko, Install from Kataoka K and Musumedojojifrom Yukiko Takayama. Horizon previously sold Japanese films such as TheRing and Dark Water.