As expected, Fox International's Horton Hears A Who! dominated the Hollywood overseas pack thanks to a three-day haul that delivered an estimated $11.7m from 5,783 screens and raised the tally to $91.5m.

The animated family release is several days away from crossing the $100m threshold and owes much of its weekend performance to a $3.4m number one launch in France on 708 screens.

The biggest holdover came from the second weekend in the UK, where Horton raised the running total by $1.9m from 500 screens to $13.9m.

Other notable grosses include Germany on $11.7m and Spain on $9.2m after four and Australia on $6.8m after three.

Sci-fi romp Jumper added $3.2m from 1,502 screens for $124.3m, while the romantic comedy 27 Dresses grossed $2.9m from 956 screens for $65.2m and the comedy Juno raised its tally by $2.7m from 1,121 to $74m.

Paramount's family yarn The Spiderwick Chronicles stands at $58.6m through PPI following a $7m haul from 3,477 sites in 57 territories. The film opened in second place in Australia on $1.9m from 261 screens, a total that included $629,000 in previews. It also added $1.5m from 467 in the UK for $14.5m.

Cloverfield sunk its claws into Japan and launched in first place on $2.2m from 235 screens. Elsewhere, the comedy Drillbit Taylor added $1.5m from 801 venues in seven territories for an early $9m running total. Quadruple Oscar winner No Country For Old Men improved its tally by $1.3m from 976 screens in 54 territories to stand at an impressive $80.9m.

10,000 BC grossed $5.6m over three days through Warner Bros Pictures International from nearly 4,900 prints in 62 territories for $153.4m. Key markets tallies include Mexico on $16.3m, Spain on $12.4m and Germany on $8.5m after five weekends, the UK on $11m, Russia on $8.8m and Italy on $8.3m after four, and China on $9.5m after three.

Vantage Point pulled in a further $4.3m through Sony Pictures Releasing International on 2,225 screens in 44 markets and currently stands at $67.8m.

A smattering of small releases produced a $300,000 number one result from 70 screens in Turkey - a territory that has distinguished itself with impressive box office returns over the last year or so - and a table topping $250,000 in Venezuela from 41. The assassination thriller also launched at the top in Portugal on $180,000 from 46 screens and opened in second place in Thailand on $350,000 from on 54.

Universal acquired the family adventure Nim's Island for the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Spain, Austria and Latin America and reported an excellent Australian debut of $570,000 from 95 sites through UPI. The film will launch in a further 97 sites across the continent on Thursday to coincide with school holidays.

Step Up 2 The Streets, which Universal holds in the UK, France, Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand, delivered another solid weekend of $2.9m from 630 sites in four territories. The Universal tally stands at $24.6m. Key results include $14.7m after three weekends in the UK and $6.2m (AUD 6.8m) after the same amount of time in Australia, where it has overtaken the AUD 6.8m lifetime total of the original Step Up. France will be Universal's final release on April 9.

Overall Step Up 2 The Streets grossed $4.4m including Summit Entertainment International territories and has reached $61m, surpassing Step Up's $50m final tally.

Untraceable, which Universal acquired in nine territories, grossed $1.8m from 516 venues in six territories for a Universal tally of $6.5m. The cyber-thriller opened in sixth place in Germany on $850,000 from 248 sites, ranked fifth in Austria on $111,000 from 21 and fourth in Spain on $710,000 from 202. There are three territories to open: Australia on April 24, South Africa on April 25 and New Zealand on May

Period drama The Other Boleyn Girl added $1.7m from 677 dates in 14 for a Universal total of $27.3m, while the romantic comedy Definitely, Maybe raised its tally by $600,000 from 478 in 15 to $13.8m. The film launched at number one in New Zealand on $145,000 from 40.

George Clooney's 1920-set American football caper Leatherheads opened through UPI in the Ukraine this weekend and was expected to be the top grossing film. Results will be issued on Monday. The film opens in the UK and Italy next weekend.

Finally for Universal/UPI, Berlinale Golden Bear winner Tropa De Elite launched in limited release in Argentina on $22,000 from 18 sites. The crime thriller has enjoyed a spectacular run in its home country of Brazil and has notched up close to $11.4m.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International's American football yarn The Game Plan grossed $2.7m over the weekend and stands at $42.3m so far internationally. Germany added $1.3m for $2.7m to rank second in its second weekend and Spain raised its tally by $1m to $2.3m also in the second weekend.

Enchanted added $1.7m in Japan where it has amassed $23m. Overall the family tale has grossed $206.8m. There Will Be Blood stands at $32.8m.

The teen fight club drama Never Back Down opened in fourth place in the UK and grossed $2.4m from 530 sites in four Summit Entertainment International markets. The international running total stands at $3.7m.