Korean female producer Junyoung Jang, who was one of the producers on The Host, has relocated to London where she is setting up a $10m time travel adventure film, entitled Charlie Pepper.

The film is being set up as a co-production between Jang's London-based February Films and Hungarian producer Ildiko Kemeny's Pioneer Pictures.

Jang is also in discussions with Future Film for financing tied in with post-production through Pepper Post.

Written and to be directed by filmmaking brothers Abner and Kamma Pastoll, the film tells the story of a boy who travels back to the 19th Century. UK actors are being lined up to star in the English-language production.

The Pastolls have a background in music videos and co-directed 2004 mystery thriller, Shooting Shona.

Jang is also developing two smaller pictures that may be set up as UK-Korea co-productions - thriller Asleep, for which a Korean actor is being lined up to star, and Blue Romance, about a man with amnesia who meets a girl who helps him recreate his past.

Jang previously worked at Seoul-based Chungeorahm Films where she took a co-producer credit on The Host.