TheHot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival and the DocumentaryOrganisation of Canada (DOC) have created a new ofthe documentary fellowship programme.

During2006-2007, the Quebecor DocumentaryFellowship willwork with 15 mid-level filmmakers from under-represented ethno-cultural communities.Five applicants will receive full fellowships, be mentored by senior producersfrom DOC, and will take part in a year-round programme of workshops, developmentsessions and networking events.

Inaddition to the five full fellowships, ten partial fellowships will also beawarded.

All15 fellows will receive full accreditation to the Hot Docs festival in April.

Candidatesmust be a member of an underrepresented group, have Ontario residency status and residein the Greater Toronto Area, and be able to demonstrate commitment to theprofession. Applications are now being accepted, with a deadline of August 28. TheHot Docs website has more information.