Oscar Wilde & A Death Of No Importance by Gyles Brandreth
Brandreth has turned Wilde's life into a detective story, 'intertwining all the intrigue of the classic English murder mystery with a compelling portrait of one of the greatest characters of the Victorian age.'
Publisher: John Murray, June 2007
Contact: Ed Victor, (44) 20 7304 4100

The Girl On The Stairs by Barry Ernest
True story of Victoria Elizabeth Adams, who as a schoolgirl saw John Kennedy murdered from the same building as the alleged killer Lee Oswald. When other witnesses started to die in mysterious circumstances, Adams went into hiding; she has been tracked down for this book.
Publisher: Not yet signed
Contact: Andrew Lownie, (44) 0207 222 7574

The Dirty Secrets Club by Meg Gardiner
Gardiner, an American who lives in the UK, is an established thriller writer who leapt in popularity after an unexpected endorsement from Stephen King.
Publisher: Dutton, 2008
Contact: Tally Garner, Curtis Brown, (44) 20 7393 4400

Devil's Breath by David Gilman
Gilman, who is head writer on UK TV series A Touch Of Frost, has created a compelling youth thriller series called Danger Zone.
Publisher: Puffin, date TBC
Contact: Julian Friedmann at Blake Friedmann, (44) 20 7284 0408

Random Acts Of The Love Academy by Belinda Jones
A gentle romantic comedy, about a journalist going undercover at a Venice school that teaches the art of seduction.
Publisher: Random House UK, July
Contact: Lucinda Prain of William Morris UK, (44) 20 7534 6800

School For Scumbags by Danny King
King's The Burglar Diaries was recently adapted as a six-part series called Thieves Like Us for the BBC. School For Scumbags is a roguish story, described as 'Harry Potter meets the Dirty Dozen'.
Publisher: Serpent's Tail, July 2007
Contact: Emma White, Darley Anderson, (44) 7385 6652

Sisi And Sohia by Nicholas Penrake
An underworld thriller set in the wake of the London 7/7 bombings, following Thai prostitution rings in north London.
Publisher: Friday Project, Spring 2008
Contact: Lucinda Prain, William Morris UK, (44) 20 7534 6800

Heroic Love by Danny Scheinmann
Random Acts follows two characters: Leo Deakin, who wakes up in a hospital in South Africa in 1992 with his girlfriend dead, and Moritz Daniecki, a fugitive from a Siberian prisoner-of-war camp in 1917.
Publisher: Transworld (UK), August 2007
Contact: Sophie Hicks at Ed Victor Ltd, (44) 20 7304 4100

The Devil Incarnate by Wayne Thallon
Disturbing true story of torture technician Athol Visser, known as 'Ivan the Terrible', which has already attracted one film offer.
Publisher: Mainstream, February 2007
Contact: Rebecca Watson at Valerie Hoskins Associates, (44) 20 7637 4490.