The UKFC has an annual budget of just over £60m, with around 46% coming from lottery funds, 40% from government support through grants, and the remainder from investments and other sources.

The Premiere Fund

The Premiere Fund is headed by Sally Caplan whose remit is to invest in mainstream, commercially driven films and to encourage British creative talent. The fund receives an average of 170 applications a year and invests in around 10 projects. Recent investments include Daniel Barber’s Harry Brown and Neil Marshall’s Centurion.

The New Cinema Fund

Lenny Crooks heads up the New Cinema Fund which focuses on more experimental, arthouse films, such as Jane Campion’s Bright Star. It aims to encourage unique ideas, innovative approaches and new voices, including Alexis Dos Santos’ Unmade Beds.

The Development Fund

Headed by Tanya Seghatchian, the fund’s remit is to broaden the quality, range and ambition of film projects being developed in the UK. Projects to receive development funding include Armando Iannucci’s In The Loop and Sam Taylor-Wood’s Nowhere Boy.

Prints and Advertising Fund

The Ukfc’s distribution and exhibition department administers a number of funding strands including the P&A Fund. It is designed to widen and support the distribution and marketing strategy of ‘specialised’ films and to offer support to more commercially focused British films that are difficult to market. The fund’s annual budget is worth $5.8m (£4m) and is overseen by Peter Buckingham. Che: Part One, Bronson and Franklyn have recently benefited from the fund.


Chief executive officer John Woodward earned in excess of $288,000 (£200,000) for the financial year ending March 2008. Other top earners included Sally Caplan (approximately $235,000 [£162,500]), Peter Buckingham, head of distribution and exhibition (approximately $213,000 [£147,000]), Tanya Seghatchian (approximately $184,500 [£127,500]) and Lenny Crooks (approximately $148,000 [£102,500]).


  • $23.1m (£16m) - British Film Institute
  • $13.1m (£9.1m) - Running costs
  • $11.6m (£8m) - Premiere Fund
  • $11.6m (£8m) - Regions and Nations
  • $9.4m (£6.5m) - Film Skills Fund
  • $7.2m (£5m) - New Cinema Fund
  • $5.8m (£4m) - Distribution and exhibition
  • $5.8m (£4m) - Development Fund