After taking home two BAFTA awards last weekend and boasting eight Academy Award nominations, not to mention the amount of press Russell Crowe alone seems to generate, it is no surprise that A Beautiful Mind has enjoyed a host of strong international releases this week. However, the Ron Howard film, which has already grossed a massive $132.7m in North America, has not reached the hearts and minds of all major territories.

In Italy the drama scored a huge hit for UIP (handling distribution in most international territories), taking $1.9m (Euros 2.1m) over its three-day opening weekend. Playing on 231 screens this equates to a massive $8,080 screen average and awarded the film top position, nearly Euros 1m ahead of second placed local opener Il Nostro Matrimonio E' In Crisi from FilmAuro.

Similarly, despite only landing tenth position, A Beautiful Mind showed strength in Switzerland where it opened on eight screens in the French-speaking region of the country to record a four-day gross of $67,372 (Euros 76,804). With an impressive screen average of $8,422 mirroring the Italian success, the film should rise through the ranks in the Swiss chart next weekend when it opens it the German-speaking region, which accounts for 67% of the country's admissions.

The Spanish opening managed second position with $1.4m (Euros1.5m). However, playing at 200 screens, more than 100 less than box office leader Monsters, Inc., the film's average of $6,784 was the highest of any film in the top 20. Portugal saw the film gross $241,868 in three days from 44 screens, for an average of $5,497.

Platforming at a limited 24 sites before opening wide next weekend, the UK release, which coincided with BAFTA weekend where stars Crowe and Jennifer Connelly both picked up awards for their roles, took twelfth place and a sterling $267,328 (£186,862) for an average of $11,139.

The film has also been playing well in Brazil where it has grossed $1.6m in ten days on release. Peru saw a four-day opening weekend of $72,655 from ten screens. In Israel the film has grossed $570,517 from 30 screens in two weeks.

In South Korea, where the film is distributed by CJ Entertainment, the film claimed the top chart position with $1.3m after opening on Saturday. In the capital, Seoul, it played on 38 screens to take a two-day gross of $471,200 - a powerful average of $12,400.

However a couple of major territories seem to be less taken with the Oscar-hopeful. In the Netherlands the film opened in fourth position with a four-day weekend gross of $221,676 (Euros 252,711). While some might argue that A Beautiful Mind opened on just 69 screens in the territory it is notable that its $3,213 screen average was unable to match that of first placed The Lord Of The Rings despite Peter Jackson's film, and Mind's main best picture Oscar competition, having been on release for ten weeks.

France's opening last week of 215,506 admissions in seven days from 338 screens, was not boosted this week when it sold 164,006 tickets in seven days from 323 screens. The latter showing that an average of just 508 people saw the film in each screen over the week - or about 73 people per screen per day.

A Beautiful Mind opens for UIP in Germany, Denmark and Norway, and for Ice Entertainment/Samfilm in Iceland, this weekend.