Universal Pictures' TheHulk grossed $11.3m in 14territories in its second weekend on release from 1,652 sites. With 32territories still to open, that makes its ten-day total an impressive $15.7m.

It took $4.6m includingpreviews in Mexico, beating Jurassic Park 3 to become Universal's biggest opening in theterritory and beating openings for The Matrix Reloaded, The Two Towers and X2: X-Men United.

It opened at the number onespot in Australia with $2.2m from 224 sites, marking the 15thbiggest Universal opening on record. It was also number one in Taiwan ($1.2m at83 sites), New Zealand ($0.33m from 52 sites) and Brazil ($1.2m at 286) andother Latin American territories which have yet to be reported at time of goingto press.

Drop-offs in the territorieswhich had opened last weekend - Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines,Singapore and Thailand - were about 70% - as steep as in the US. Nextweekend, the film opens in France, Germany, Spain, Korea and five otherterritories.

Meanwhile Universal's 2Fast 2 Furious took $11.1m from3,147 sites in 22 territories, bringing its international total to $54.1m with24 territories still to open. The film is still number one in Germany, Italyand The Netherlands and number two in the UK (behind Bruce Almighty) and France (behind Sept Ans De Mariage).