Producers Nik Goldman and Max Ryan are setting up a$10m UK-Poland co-production for a new adaptation of The Hunchback of NotreDame.

The project, entitled Hunchback,will star Ryan, John Rhys-Davies, Christopher Lee, Said Taghmaoui, StevenBerkoff and Jack Ryan. Battlefield Earth's Roger Christianwill direct.

The 10-week shoot will take place this summer inKrakow and Lodz and CGI will be handled by Poland-based Lightcraft.

The period film is set in 1483 and Ryan alsoco-wrote the script with Julio Ponce Palimeri.

The UK's Spice Factory and Aurelius are alsoinvolved in financing Hunchback.

Rights are available by new sales company VelvetOctopus.

Goldman and Ryan's production company SilentMajority Pictures also has a Cold War drama in development entitled Desert Thunder.Director Christian Johnston (September Tapes) is onboard for that film, which will star Ryan and Taghmauoi.

Ryan also served as a producer and actor in Polishproduction Thr3e for 20th Century Fox.