Marco Tullio Giordana's The Hundred Steps (I Cento Passi) was awarded top honours at the 28th Brussels International Film Festival, which closed Saturday night.

The film, a true story of a young Sicilian militant who mounts a rebellion against the reigning mafia don, won the Golden Iris for Best Film while screenwriters Tullio Giordana, Claudio Fava and Monica Zapelli won the Silver Iris for Best Screenplay.

The Special Jury Prize went to Nana Djordjadze's German-Georgian film Summer or 27 Missing Kisses "for its spirit and lyricism". UK actress Lena Headey took the Silver Iris for Best Actress for her work in Hans Petter Moland's Aberdeen and young Russian actor and first-time prize-winner Ivan Schvedoff won the Silver Iris for Best Actor for his work in Achim von Borries' England!